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Pratik Agarwal
Director - Moustache

It feels really great to partner with UrsDigitally. They have been a very big influence in our marketing strategies especially social media. We have achieved some milestones very fast as compared to the industry norms and we wish to continue the same. The best thing about UrsDigitally is that they are very sincere and efficient in their working. They try to understand the business model completely before rolling out the marketing strategies. Wish them all the best to achieve greater heights day by day.

Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar
Founder, Shuchita Prakashan | Entrepreneur, Author, and Educator

Business today is the collaboration of specialized teams. UrsDigitally is no more our consultant but is one of our specialized teams. The bond extended by UrsDigitally has brought us in new orbits of business execution. They buy my ideas in jiffy and execute without iota of gap. Brilliant! I am impressed!

Anirban Mitra
Anirban Mitra
VP- Marketing and Business Development, Shrachi Group

It was a revelation to work with Magne. We had started to work with you on an experimental basis; however, we have found a solid support system in you because of your approach towards the subject and in-depth research for your work. We look forward to working with you further.

devesh verma
Devesh Verma
Partner, Bhoomi Ventures

We have travelled some great distance in this journey. I must say, it is not always possible to find 3 things in the same team - Maturity in the management team,   quality litrary skills in writting content, and incredible visual illustration ability.

Arnab Pandey
Business Head-Retail, Turtle Limited

My experience with UrsDigitally- the magne team has been very professional in their approach right from the first day. Mitul and Ayesha's vast and rich experience has actually helped us to streamline our process and systems like SOP and mystry audits.

I am ready to explore more out of these bunch of young consultants and i am sure that it will help my retail business to grow by leaps and bounds.

Thanks Mitul and Ayesha!

Ajay Kr Bhootra
Executive Director, Himalaya Optical

If you are looking for a wide ranging services like professional training to train your employees at different levels or professional consultancy on structuring organizational hierarchy or Mystery audit, organizing CSR activity and other event management support in your company, you should consider Magne Consultancy.

Since then we had been constantly working with UrsDigitally on various assignments and let me accept that only work experience works. It brings more insights about a company. We tried several trainers before them, but they made the bigger impact. For us working with Magne had been a great experience. I do not have any hesitation to mention that Mr Mitul Das is a resourceful person and he has a very practical approach to deliver what is expected of him.

Vikas Churiwalla
CEO & MD - Yocurd Food Products Pvt. Ltd ( Yoforia)

My experiences with UrsDigitally has been very varied - from good to great. I have had a chance to work with few companies in USA, UK and India with social media and UrsDigitally fulfills all the expectations as an international service provider. The team that takes care of day to day activities is equally involved in decision making as the top level at UrsDigitally. The speed of response, the onus behind the decisions and most importantly the communication between the companies really make things amicable as well as simple. If 'bringing smile to people' is a measure to success, I will surely give full points to UrsDigitally.

concept factory
Narotam Badgotra
Executive Director, Concept Factory

My Experience with UrsDigitally: Team Magne is one of the best ste of people around to deal with. they can be described in 3Ps; Professionalism with Passion & Personal touch. Wish them all the best.

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