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The Why and How of Social Media Marketing – Demystifying the Myth

The first question that comes to your mind whether social media is an expenditure or investment and if at all it’s going to give you any ROI.

This is the biggest fear every small to mid size organization would face before going online or investing ( or spending ) on social media marketing.

Now that you have gone through the above links you must have noticed the following things.
  • An enormous mass following the Brand and are constantly engaged with the Brand through likes, comments or shares.
  • The Brand ethos and the brand assets are very much reflected through the posts and the creative artifacts.
  • The Brand is able to reach the masses, even to areas where it could not have been possible for it to reach physically.
  • Lastly the brand has occupied a position in the subconscious mind of the masses it is targeting through the social media.

So The Result ?
  • Increased awareness and brand positioning which gives the Brand a competitive edge.
  • The Brand can showcase its products or services to audience which it is targeting.
  • The cumulative effect is the increased footfall, or purchase, or subscription of services over time.

The same applies for any social media platform you choose to suit best for your business type.

Here is how we help to achieve your goals through Social Media
  • Selecting the most appropriate social media platform for your business
  • Create a global or local social media strategy for your business
  • Organize your channels for an audience that speaks different languages
  • Targeting the channel to the audience that
  • Use localization features in Face book, LinkedIn, Twitter or the platform that suits your business best
  • Develop a content strategy for your audience

Case Studies