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Case Study for Popular Jeans Brand


How we translated a legendary Jeans maker as a spontaneous, youth-friendly brand and created a brand recall among the target audience

The client is one of the earliest brands who associated with us and the association is still going strong. We have been their ally in digital communication from the word go and have shaped their brand persona, across verticals. Being a leader in contemporary fashion, the 30+ year old brand has been in the same league as the international trendsetters.  We as their digital communication partner have been able to bridge the gap between consumer perception and brand persona- using both digital and print mediums.

The clients had the following expectations when we started off:

  • Position the brand as a youthful and fashion forward brand.
  • Create a distinct brand recall value.
  • Create an eCommerce presence and optimize the same through social media.

How we served their purpose

We indulged ourselves in creating a detailed and milestone oriented competition analysis for the brand. Thereon we created the following route-map for digital and offline communications:

  • Created a theme based communication strategy to optimize social media presence of the brand.
  • Created and implemented various campaigns, targeted towards eCommerce conversion and viral marketing.
  • Propelled the brand to the top tier of search engine results with Adwords.
  • Designed recurring Omni-channel communication funnels.

What we achieved

Our mission was to make a mark on the social scene and we won’t lie we did a decent job at that. The brand ranked among the most talked about and socially responsive brands. In less than two years we have been able to create a listenership of over 80k followers- yes, mostly with viral contents.

One of the major success stories for us has been the conversion campaigns which we have successfully run through social media. Not only has it been one of the cornerstones of our achievement but also have been one of the key facets of us immersing ourselves in the eCommerce marketing scope.

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