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Digital Marketing Case Study for Real Estate

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How This Real Estate Group Had Their Sales Increased Through Our Lead Generation Services

Bengal Shrachi Housing Development Ltd. is one of the real estate giants in Bengal. It is also involved in businesses as diverse as agro-machinery, engineering & EPC, realty and stationery.Dynamism and evolution are what drive the Group’s enterprise. Rooted in strength the Group branches out from a strong base, creating and passing new goals with each successive year.

This lead generation case study narrates why a celebrated name like Shrachi group relied on our lead generation services to achieve favourable results.

The Challenge

The real estate agent, Shrachi group hired us to generate maximum prospective leads for a real estate project through digital communication in a minimum time span. As a matter of fact, even the topmost companies come across the insufficient lead rate and poor conversion at each of their projects. This specific campaign was for a residential project in Burdwan, targeted at the elites and upper middle economic class. Naturally, our client was expecting maximum lead conversion, and therefore, they decided to invest on our assistance.

Modus Operandi

UrsDigitally, being one of the best lead generation agencies in India conducted an initial research on the brand to set a cohesive planning to accomplish high success rates.

  • Our first job was to create a simple yet engaging landing page, with a registration form. UD’s aesthetics team had put in its full effort to come up with utmost engaging content. Skillful copy direction coupled with the landing page optimization were aligned according to the persona of a crisp TG.
  • Our target was to capture the affluent population of society. Once, the website landing page started running well-optimized, its social media pages like Facebook also required similar attention. Hence, our online lead generation agency created an additional landing page for Shrachi project on Facebook, aiming at drawing more user attention.
  • Aptly placed paid ad-s never fail the advertisers. We designed and published pay-per-click ad-s on Facebook, monthly basis to drive home a house full of potent leads. All these ad-s displayed superb artistic impressions of the Burdwan properties of Shrachi, offering a clear visual idea to the viewers how their residencies will look like.
  • We had a duration of 1 month in hand to be invested intelligently. Therefore, we generated a much engaging video narrating a beautiful story of a family arriving at their own home. Our video marketing strategy went viral, and ranked on Google’s 1st page.

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The Impact

Our online lead generation company implemented the perfect blend of the trending digital marketing strategies that enhanced the brand presence and conversion optimization. Our methodical effort made our client happy generating an impressive impact.

  • Total impression: 1, 06,480
  • Total Reach: 34,152
  • Total Clicks: 2,997
  • Total Leads: 166
  • Period: 1 month

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