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Lead Generation Campaign – We will generate it, no matter whatever your business is....

It’s very easy to generate leads which do not qualify to be leads at all. However a contact to be qualified as lead has to fulfill the following criteria –

  1. Budget: If they don’t have the budget to buy the product, then he is just wasting both of his and yours time. We think rational.
  2. Authority: can they make a purchase decision? If not, it’s your responsibility to find that important person.
  3. Need: does your product fulfil the need they have? Here is where you can set the target Group to filter the odd one out.
  4. Timescale: do they have a specific time when they wish to make their purchase.

With qualified leads, a better conversion rate is guaranteed. The higher the cost, the better the rate required to generate a good ROI. Now the question is when we say qualified lead, how do we guarantee that? To know more read our Lead Generation Blog.

  1. We filter out your target group at the initial level itself. A study of your Brand Profile, Buyer persona and Brand Positioning is done so that the right fit of audience is targeted.
  2. We drive the campaign in sync with the recent trends and the above mentioned parameters of your Brand.
  3. We make it sure through our strategic placement of the call to actions that when a person is filling up the subscription form, he does so with an intention to buy your product or service.

Below is our strategic approach towards generating leads –

Lead Capture – We capture at least a bit of information from the users who visit your site responding to any marketing channel.

Using Lead Magnets – Tutorial Video, Free Newsletter, interesting content or creative and free trials are some of the most common lead magnets that we use to attract the prospects.

Landing page Conversion Technique – Our landing pages are so designed not to allow the visitor to bounce back easily so that even if is a bit interested in buying the product or service he is enticed enough to leave his information by filling up a form.

Here is what we do for generating qualified leads for your business
  • Social Media and Ad words punched lead generation campaign
  • Business centric digital Lead Generation campaign
  • Facebook Adverts
  • Google Paid Ads lead generation
Case Studies:-