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Brand Identity Design Case Study


How We Created A Simple Yet Profound Logo Design for A Real Estate Start-up

What is Brand? We believe that It is the identity of a business. It's the amalgamation of perspective and aspiration. And, but naturally, the brand identity is an utmost important factor in the evolution of the business. It is how the company will be perceived by and positioned in the psyche of the consumer. Whether you Design your Brand communications on your own, or outsource the design services to an agency - you need to master the skill of mixing Art and Science over the years.

Creating a perfect brand identity is of primary significance in the process. As you know, the most important factor in creating a brand identity is the logo. It is an immensely learning and extensively creative process. We recently helped a real estate startup for creating their brand identity. Let us take you through the fascinating journey of logo making.

The Client brief:

First and foremost, let’s try to understand about the brand. Their mission and vision is to develop a website which will be an one-stop portal for all real estate purchase. The wanted to eradicate the broker, who are usually morally corrupted and compulsive liars. Thus, they wanted to create a broker-free market place, which will fortified with truth, honesty and transparency. The job was incredibly exciting to say the least.

The ideation:

The ideation process firstly involved in understanding the brand ideology and inferring the key identifying factors. We decided the keywords should be home, truth and happiness.

Totems and signifiers of this perception in populist cultures are dime a dozen, yet none seemed to appeal to us. After an incredible amount of deliberation. We decided with the rendition.

The rendition:

The colour is the first striking feature of a logo. We decided it should induce joy, warmth and excitement. We decided to choose the colour Red. Then came the symbol which is the depiction of the brand psychology. Geometric shapes always has the minimalist simplicity goin for it. Following the model set by Kapferer, we zeroed in on a triangle.

Why? It best depicts the contours of a home yet does not excessively impose on the identity.

So now we stood with a red triangle. Next came the final flourishes.


The final flourishes:

The triangle needed a final touch which would make the triangle seem most homely. A circle positioned a little bit on the upper side of the logo did the perfect job in turning our triangle into a home.

But we still needed to engrave the trust, truth and honesty factors into the logo. Careful and innovative research presented us with the ideal object which connects all the dots. A tick.

The tick quite simplistically represent making the right choice. Thus we positioned our tick parallely with one side of the triangle.

Our logo was complete. The fruition of incessant deliberation and creative process. Market research with focussed group provided us with an overwhelming amount of positive reception of the logo.

We, at UrsDigitally, thrive on challenges like this since our cumulative skills are honed for optimally representing your brand, and we were proud to create an effective brand identity for the start up company which is right now launching itself in the market. Whatever be the challenge, we are dedicated in delivering the most effective and creative marketing solutions.

You can reach us here for anything related to design services, or marketing.

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