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Case Study for a Renowned Apparel Retailer


How we decoded the Customer Purchase Behavior & reached out to the Loyal Customer Base for a renowned Apparel Retailer

The client is a renowned apparel brand, with multiple exclusive brand outlets (25+ EBOs) and has presence across the country. Though the organization has expanded over the years and grown in multiple dimension, the business generated from Repeat Customers was not tracked & measured

A thorough analysis resulted in the gaps pertaining to their identification & management of Repeat Customers

    • Identification of repeat customers who were loyal to the brand.
    • Customer purchase behavior data
    • Connect with the loyal customers
    • Measurable metrics to identify the performance of Customer Centric Promotional Campaigns

And this is what we did ….

  • AS-IS Study of the existing Retail Front End Organogram &  Billing System to draft the customization specs for the Loyalty Software along with CRM enablement processes and artifacts like Customer Enrolment Form, Loyalty Rules
  • Deployment of Customer Loyalty Program along with roll-out/training in all the stores Pan India 
  • Design & Implementation of CRM Messaging (Store Signage, SMS Blast, Facebook)
  • Analysis and capturing of key metrics like Purchase Frequency, Customer Life Time Value (CLTV), Premium Customers and arriving at Loyal Buyer Profiles (One Time Buyer, High Value Purchase Buyer, Frequent Buyer)
  • Design & Execution of Targeted Offers and Campaigns with utilization ratio of around 8%

And this is what we achieved ….

  • 50,000+ Loyal Customers identified and Categorized based on their Purchase Behavior
  • More than 10+ Customer Connect Promotional Campaign, Significant Increase in Top Line Revenue attributed to increase of Purchase Frequency of Loyal Customers
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