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Case Study for a Business Centre


How to create a thriving online community of a commercial building, housing different companies?

The effectiveness of innovative advertising has the power, not only change the brand identity but also the brand perception. Strategic communications aimed at the contextual consumer with an adequate engaging content can inculcate the desired results. Innovation induced through proper market research and essential creative representations are the key factors in creating successful communication. Case in point, a Prominent commercial property of Kolkata. For obvious reasons, we can’t divulge the name of the client, so for argument’s sake we will call it, Prominent.

Our brief was starkly different from conventional mode of digital or print advertising. Our product was not tangible matter, but emotions. Our job was to create one thriving online facebook community of employees of different companies housed in Prominent. The job was well-complimented with innovative offline and on-site activities including inter-company contests and parties.
Our strategy was manifold.

  • Create the community through active mailer campaign among the entire necessary consumer base of the Facebook page.
  • Creating a necessary hook that will create the attraction. This was achieved by organising a sensational New Year’s Party with the added stipulation that only registered members of the Prominent’s Facebook page will get an invite to the party. That created a lot of noise which yielded the desired results, about 200 people joined in the span of few hours.
  • The event provided necessary leverage and posited the Facebook page, as an important medium of societal interaction.
  • Keeping the interest in the page, flowing was achieved through periodical strategic communications including inspirational quotes, engagement posts in the forms of riddles and interactive posts through online contests like A Valentine’s Day contest.
  • The Valentine’s Day contest was organised both offline and online, and it was successful in taking the interest in the page to newer heights. Its stupendous success is attributed to proper planning, efficient execution, creative ideation and seamless interactivity.

At present, the Prominet’s Facebook page is a lively community of corporate souls, where they can go to engage in informal chit-chats, liven up their brain through riddles, get informed about the happenings in the building and also take part in contests. Thus we were able to summarise, that our dedicated group of multi-faceted individuals are well-enabled to handle any brief and any mode of advertising and turn the campaign into path-breaking success stories.

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