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Digital Marketing Case Studies


Franchisee Aquisition for A Footwear Brand

Businesses are like organisms, where development can only be gauged in terms of expansion with the passing years. Organic expansion can often be hassles, franchising is an easier and more practical means of enterprise expansion which can lead to both horizontal and vertical growth. Know how UrsDigitally helped a popular footwear brand become a pan India name by virtue of helping it establish more franchises nationwide.

Lending 24x7 Design Support for a Car Distributor

Automobile is one the most competitive sectors of the corporate world. In this scheme of things, read about UrsDigitally’s strategy in promoting a renowned automobile dealer using the print medium in East India.

Online Market Research for a Leading Cab Aggregator

Convincing a cab driver to drop you where you want to go is more difficult than attaining Nirvana in today’s times. No wonder Cab booking apps are thriving. However, what needs to be done while promoting a newly released Cab App service is the strategic publicity of its USP to set it apart from its competitors. Read UrsDigitally’s journey in doing the same.

Generating Huge Leads for a Business Summit

Business Summits are an essential part of professional networking for budding entrepreneurs. Know UrsDigitally’s attempts and success in garnering leads for an impactful business summit from scratch by reading on.

Enhancing Brand Recall for a Legacy Jeans Brand

Who does not wear and love jeans? In fact they are every city dweller’s oxygen. Branding is all about creating and changing perceptions of various products. Know how we at UrsDigitally transformed the personality of a legendary Jeans brand to a youthful fashion wear. Read on.

Optimizing PPC for Brand New Jewellery Brand

There was a time, when people would carefully examine each bead of jewellery before buying it, but with the changing times, consumers have become less apathetic towards buying jewellery online. Thus, it is important for all jewellery brands to enhance their internet visibility. At UrsDigitally, we developed the online presence of a jewellery brand from scratch. Read on to know more about it.

Creating Online Footprint with SEO for a Clothing Brand

In today’s world of lightening fast internet, your potential clients would seldom have the patience to move to the second page of an online search. Thus in order to always stay ahead, you must ensure that your venture features before your rivals, which is why search engine optimization is important.

Transforming a Govt Body into Digital

While big cities are thriving with super fast internet connectivity, smaller hill stations are yet to enjoy the same. In this scheme of things, UrsDigitally helped one of its government department clients to establish a stellar online presence, by the sheer usage of social media. To know more read on.

Creating A Safety & Security Platform for a Corporate House

Real estate is one the most coveted areas of business which would never fade as houses would always be built. A bigger demand means a greater competition. In this scenario, know UrsDigitally’s attempts of taking one of its real estate based clients closer to its target groups.

Building Strong Digital Presence with Corporate Website

Our Feet define our lives. They take us through ups and downs. Thus they deserve the best of care accompanied with the latest trends of fashion. UrsDigitally helped one of the biggest footwear brands of the nation to establish itself online before each age group. To know more read on.

Leveraging CSR to establish Brand Credibility

All of us have thought of transforming lives, at some point, but worldly constraints may not have made it possible. One of our clients at UrsDigitally has an excellent scheme through which unprivileged children are donated school shoes in exchange of 5 pairs of old shoes. UrsDigitally extensively took up a campaign to promote this initiative in various schools of Kolkata. Know how.

Building Online Community for a Business Center

Houses are not only a place to hide our bodies and protect ourselves from the harshness of the outer world, but also a place where the soul finds a solace. Thus in promoting a property in Kolkata, we kept in mind the emotions of the potential clients at UrsDigitally, to know more about our marketing campaign, read on.

Knowing Your Customers More

Fashion trends are ever changing. But these fluctuating tendencies in style should not affect the performance of an apparel retailer. Realising this critical fact, UrsDigitally performed extensive market research for its apparel retailing client and made it a well presented online brand. Want to know, how we did it? Read on.

Building a platform for Indian Academicians

Getting your research published is an essential part of any academic discourse. Wouldn’t it be great, if there could be a platform where students and researchers could interact with peers, teachers and know all about academic events, all together?

Increasing Productivity of Your Organization Easily

Knowledge Management is an essential process of any business in today’s world. But the process is not a familiar one with the laymen. At UrsDigitally we undertook the mammoth task of taking the process of knowledge management closer to the target audience of one of our clients alongside performing each step of the process. To know more, read on.

Engaging Audience on Social for a TV Channel

Let us face it, that fictional entertainment in whatsoever form dominates our drawing rooms through an idiot box. While we enjoy the content they create, those channels, on a daily basis face endless competitions to beat each other out in TRP charts. Read more about UrsDigitally success in promoting its premiere television channel client.


Creating a Brand Identity - How Our Brand Aid Got a Real-Estate Start-up Branded

Buying a piece of real estate is one the most complicated decisions one ever takes and to make things worse misleading online portals and brokers are always around. Thus one of our real estate based clients came up with the unique idea of a broker free platform that would undertake everything from choosing a place to legal formalities to possession. Know how UrsDigitally built the brand image of this interesting start-up.