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UrsDigitally stands out among Images: Full page advertisement on Images Retail June, 2016 edition

The feeling that good News brings is irresistibly contagious. The only way you can deal with the pleasures of great news is by sharing it. The past few days at Magne Consulting have been great. With interesting work and hordes of great relationships to look forward to things have been looking great and moving at a great pace seems to be a fun trip.

Of the many good things that are happening around us, there is something that we are really happy and proud of. The June 2016 edition of Images Retail magazine carried out a full page advertisement of Magne Consulting tucked right in between its cover story. We are extremely happy and proud to be associated with such an esteemed magazine like Images Retail, which is the cynosure of all retail related media. We thank Images Retail, all our wonderful clients, partners, and the bunch of gems we call Ma(D)nets for making this wonderful journey with us. Here’s to great times ahead! Cheers!


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