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The Lazy Marketer’s Guide to Curate Awesome Content on Social Media

Content Curation is the buzzword in digital marketing platform and social media space these days. We all know a Curator takes care of the museum or library, but you must be wondering whether content curation has got any relevance to it. Yes, it has. To put it simply, we all have been doing content curation knowingly or unknowingly. Surprised??? To begin with, what is the first thing in the morning that you do as soon as you get up? Reach out for your mobile- Right?? Well, I do. You then scroll through the unread texts and messages from your friends and families and share interesting stuff with your group by forwarding it. This is content curation in a broad sense. And this is a great way of starting your way to build an effective content marketing framework.


To be specific, content curation is gathering the most relevant and high quality information from the broad spectrum of news available on a particular theme and presenting it in a lucid manner for fulfilling the needs and desires of the target audience.

Who is a Content Curator??

Like the curator at the museum, who is a professional and has primary responsibility for care of the heritage collections and for carrying out research on those collections to better understands their significance, a content curator is the custodian of a collection of content.

But Content Curation involves much more than simply collecting information from different sources and putting them together. The key is to add value to the already existing content by carefully choosing the best of the content from the sea of information available and giving your own insight. Although the ethical aspect of Content Curation has always been debated, but as long as you are giving credit to your sources, you are complying with the Google’s SEO best practices.

Need for Content Curation

With the blast of digital media marketing and overdose of information, the need of the hour is to have the right piece of information for making the right decisions. We are hungry and want to be quickly served with the most healthy and nutritious content to keep ourselves ahead of the competition.This is where Content Curation chips in.


With the ever evolving and ever changing dynamics of the political and social sphere of society, content curation has become all the more inevitable and is going to be the order of the day.

Content is king and no one can deny it. Businesses across the globe will perish if they miss out on the latest developments and trends in their field.And they need to do it quickly to stay on the top of the game.

Content Curation provides you the best, most relevant and reliable information with proper insights without you having to waste your time browsing through the web juggling pages where most of the information is junk. It’s an instant noodle. It’s ready to eat. You just have to feed upon it. And you are good to go.

Content Curation- How to go about it?

Content Curation started as a marketing tool in online marketing industry to create relevant content quickly and boost sales by attracting more traffic to the desired site. But with the growing population of Facebook (approx. 1.2 billion users) and Whatsapp (approx. 450 million users), anyone and everyone can indulge in content gathering. It is gaining momentum and has attracted many who are even pursuing it as a full time job. You too can earn from it. Here are the things that you need for doing high quality content curation.

Crave – You need to have a constant craving for creating top class content. You need to have that urge and passion to look through loads and loads of information patiently. Although, processing information may seem overwhelming in the beginning but the trick is to do it daily for a convenient period of time rather than tiring yourself by sitting together for hours at a stretch. The best is to make a routine and follow it religiously allotting a specific period to it. It’s like an art, the more you practice, the better you get.

It always helps to chalk out a rough draft or a sketch of the key agendas that you are going to put in your content.

Agendas can be drawn from the requirements of your customer or the target audience for whom you are preparing the content. You need to understand the pulse of the audience for effective content build-up. Like FAQ’s on a new gadget, how to do it – type, tutorials. Tips and tricks can be a good start for a person who is running a tech blog. I can’t deny the fact that it has to be the latest and interesting to bring maximum traffic to your blog, website or organisations site. You have to curate constantly to your target audience to stay in the business.

Conceive – Content Curation is all about perception. It’s very important that you first understand the content yourself. Unless you get it, your audience definitely won’t. It has been proved by the gurus of content curation that duplicate content would die soon. Simply providing links will not help. You need to add value with your original content. The best is to use a mix of original and source content to positively alter the SEO aspect of your content. There is no fixed recipe or proportion as to how much original should go with the source but the underlying message is to offer value. Do include links of the content which you are borrowing with proper credits to build your relationship with the authors as well as establish credibility and trust in the eyes of your audience. Please ensure that you link out to only high quality content. The fashion in which you do it is important as people should see you as the most reliable and trusted authority in your area so that they will come again and again to you.

Cultivate: Presenting your content in a way that creates impact and registers with your audience is as critical as the content itself. Try to keep it simple and clutter free. Content curation is not about stuffing everything. Remember – It has to be in the most processed form, ready to eat.

Good quality content curation can only be achieved by including“end content” which can instantly help to make the most informed and wise choices. By “end content”, I refer to the content which has been derived as a result of the analysis of a number of source content.

You need to analyse a number of content, filter out the redundant ones, combine the relevant ones, understand it, process it and present the conclusion or summary of your findings before your target audience in a way that is easy to digest.

It is equally important to promote yourself. This is where your presence across the social media will help you. Be visible on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Pinterest etc.It’sbeneficial to follow the subject matter experts and communities on these sites to easily get the most relevant content to curate.

Tools for Content Curation

There are multiple tools which target different aspects of Content Curation like aggregating multiple feeds to a place, discovering new content related to your keyword searches, organising content and publishing.

The most basic tool for content curation is your very own GoogleAlerts. You can ask Google to alertyou through email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your queries.

Enter a search query you wish to monitor. You will see a preview of the type of results you'll receive. By using Google Alerts you can start your journey for content curation.

Then there are other advanced and professional tools for content curation.Here’s a few quick tools to get started

Storify — As the name suggests Storyfy will tell stories using your social media presence such as Tweets, photos and videos. You search multiple social networks from one central place, and then build your own story. The elements can be re positioned and also text can be added for your readers. It’s a great tool

Scoop.It – it is a terrific tool for discovering relevant content on any specific topic. It is a must have on your list of great content curation tools as the dashboard feature manages a huge amount of sources.

Feedly.com — it utilises URL, title, and topic for content aggregation.

There are many more tools on content curation out there. You just have to key in the search word on google. Many content curation tools charge you an amount and are a one stop solution for all your enterprise needs but if you put in a little extra effort even the free ones can do most of the job for you.

I have tried demystifying the basics of content curation in the post over here by answering the most frequently asked questions, however there is much more to content curation than this. Please share your queries, feedback or anything relevant to the topic in the comments below.


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