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Get Rid of Your Branding Woes Once and For All

The father of modern Advertising, David Ogilvy once said, "In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create"

Selling is always considered to be a serious thingy. We think and believe that it should be the other way around. You can sell if you’re able to do fun! Period. Mavericks although we may be, trust us to deliver you the best, because branding & advertising is a mad world, and Ma(D)nets in a mad world equals to the ultimate fun! Don’t trust us, well we don’t like to talk much, we would rather express ourselves. Still don’t believe us, just check our creative advertisements on the way down!

Here’s a rundown of 6 Reasons why you may choose us to handle your Branding!

Because you need that Ponjika (year guide) of your branding plans

Yes. Just like you consult your 'ponjika' before the beginning of each year, your agency should guide you about the best branding parameters for your enterprise round the year, being your guardian angel.


Trust us to set your stars right! We help you Change your Digi Destiny Easily (English translation)

Open the window of fresh air to your business

Trust your creative dudes to deliver the freshest of ideas in the business to you. Let them do the thought jamming with you. Sometimes, thinking out of the window (box) helps in getting rid of the fatigue your customers suffered from years of design 'consistency'. You do not need to change your colour of the logo, but you must look different. Imagine wearing that same shirt at every party you attend!


Recognize the omnipresent brand in our digital life these days? We play their game very well! Shhh...

Add the flavour that would set your brand apart

Chefs have discovered and experienced with a plethora of ingredients and flavours, but does anything beat the good old ghee? The answer is a resounding NO! Similarly, you need to find that ingredient to add to your branding solutions that will make it irreplaceable and unique.


Ghee can make the meal delicious, and it can add power to flames too.
Bring the Right thing to the Right place


Optimize your business across all platforms

Be it search engine or mobile app optimization, packaging or presenting, bringing your brand ahead of everyone else is our task. Your products or services may be of top quality, but they need the prowess of ranking to be visible enough to bring you the qualified leads.

The Droid master has a great appetite for everything digital


You must know what sells...

Introduce your campaigns across both digital and print mediums, only after extensive market research of the needs and preferences of your potential buyers, through search marketing and keyword analysis. Put Advertisement power into the right target audience to get the best possible elevation. Facebook Ad platform is becoming increasingly powerful, and is within a striking distance with Google. Both the AD platforms are trying hard to minimize the massive click frauds that have become a headache for the advertisers.

Inspired from Tagore’s famous song, we came up with a Facebook Ad spoof in Bengali.
Run the AD, If no one came and saw your Post (FB’s business comes from the money you spend on promoting your brand)


You have to adapt quickly with the changing needs of the changing times

Once upon a time, branding was one sided track, where you would push your messages across different publishing platforms. That has changed drastically with the developed world as brands are now giving close attention to the fans’ voices. The power of one-click-away scenario has tilted the way brands were perceived these days. The scene in this part of the world is in-between. Apart from a handful, we see that voice of majority Indian brands is still largely controlled by the pre-decided processes. Though everybody has acknowledged the power of digital, they have not yet opened up on the social. You must be free spirited to the changing digital scene, know what to say and when to say it and thus, your brand would touch newer horizons of success.

Twitter is what? It’s a tool through which you talk to the world outside


Digital is a complex structure, and you need to get into the root

In addition to creating delicious contents you need to have a fair amount of understanding on analytics – the insights into your digital journey. What’s working, what’s not – you should be aware as a brand owner / decision maker. Having regular audit reports will give you a clear picture on the ROI! Isn’t that sweet?

Digital is as complex as a jalebi can be- but once you have a bite – you know how heavenly sweet it tastes!


So, what are you waiting for? Talk to us! Tell us your story and we shall narrate it to the world! Write to us here.


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