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creative campaign for raksha bandhan

5 Insanely Funny ADs on Raksha Bandhan That Will Make you Laugh

The ideating process for Social Media Ads is fun! Unlike regular campaigns, Social Media Marketing involves a plethora of mediums which govern the way you approach the creation process. If you already haven’t heard it, simply posting your ads online, especially on Social Media will not work a bit. There are a million different fishes in the digital sea, but the audience wants sausage for dinner! So how do you reach out to more people and gain their attention for you to increase your brand recall value online?

Catch on to trending topics (not as easy as one would think!) and include it in your ad creative or use Social Observance Days (not easy either) as your catapult! For Raksha Bandhan, our ‘Ma(d)nets’, fresh out of the Independence Day Campaigning oven, set out to ideate ads for various brands for Raksha Bandhan- a festival which celebrates the bond between a brother and sister!

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creativity overdose in digital advertising

Demystifying Creative Thinking Techniques For Digital Marketing and Advertising

How many times have you heard the word creativity in the past one day? Chances are that you hear it more than the number of times you have heard the clock ticking! Why so? Well let behind all presumptions and let us talk about what arouses the world of digital marketing and advertising, and hence the world in general- ‘Creativity’! Do you wonder what that dark secret of those successful advertising campaigns is? Well, let us start here!

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10 Amazing Facts About Jewellery That Will Blow Your Mind Away

We have been doing social media campaigns for jewellery brands, and gathered quite an experience on jewellery industry. Many of the traditional brick and mortar jewellery houses are now establishing online stores to tap the booming ecommerce market. Though the e-commerce for jewellery is at a nascent stage in India, it is extremely important for a brand to generate trust through various branding exercises before they start generating leads for their high value jewellery products.

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