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Wprld environment day campaigns on social media

We Did Start The Fire: A retrospective on Our World Environment Day Campaign On Social Media

With every inch of the planet turning into global trash cans, where do we stand? Caught between the claws of vulgar progress, development and environmental abuse, there is no running away from the fact that environmental damage is as common as ignorance. It is no longer a nightmare of the future. As we slowly kill what keeps us alive, let’s hope that we can overcome this weakness and work together for a better world. Here are a few ads we did for our clients for the latest World Environment Day campaign.

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How To Bring Your Brand Alive on Social - The New Age Marketing Mantra

It’s not too long ago, communication, especially print media was all attuned to copy and images. Digital media followed suite, with prominent success, for quite some time. The new age of communication demanded more, much more interactivity to be precise. In comes video in its multitude of avatars and cousins like GIFs. Result? An experience of motions and sound which captivates and captures consumer attention like none other.

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The Marketing of Democracy - Influence of advertising in Indian elections

Elections in India were always a manifestation of the victory of the best advertising technique, where the political party, which promoted its manifesto in the most relatable way, would emerge victoriously. With time, however, the advertising techniques in elections are changing to suit the needs of the digitalised world. Wall posters, flags, hoardings, leaflets and other printed publicity material was always a part of election propaganda. However, the real-time promotions on social media, backed by smart looking ads on television and the radio are being used in contemporary elections on a massive scale for propaganda purposes, as these mediums can harness the full attention of the voters and are thus better depictive.

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