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satire comedy video on current affairs, politics, bollywood

Our Side Project - A Comedy Spoof series on Bollywood, Politics, and Current affairs

Creativity is intelligence having fun”- Albert Einstein

When your team is a full of uber creative young bunch of free souls, a non-stop flow of creative juice is bound to flow around, and you can expect some fun projects popping out time to time. We love to ideate on side projects beyond the realms of client works, and try a little-out-of-the-box experimentation with our own branding. There is a lot of fun in this. From ideation to storytelling, writing dialogues, conducting internal auditions, recordings, and what NOT!

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Funny video series on lord shiva and durga

This Animated Funny Video Series Has Gone Insanely Viral on Social Media

As a full service digital agency, We have created close to 7500 social media communications including ads, illustrations, cartoons, animated gifs; 40000+ words of content in the form of blogs, ad copies; and close to 50+ videos for a vast range of brands in the last three years. We spent thousands of hours to understand what works on the digital landscape and what not. We did many successful social media campaigns and lead generation campaigns online in the recent past, and some not so successful ones. Hit and miss are part of us just like any digital marketing agency in India and the rest of the world. But, this hard nut, crazy video campaign went a bit too far!

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teachers day blog cover

Meet the Greatest Teacher Ever - and Youngest Too!

Teachers are a weird lot. When you are young, in school, raging with curiosity and the tendency to break free, the most irritating person you could ever fathom was the teacher; not the nosy relative you never meet except for family occasions. But you start understanding how much you owe to the ‘boring’ and ‘irritating’ sir or madam often when it is too late. Not that all teachers are great, but most do have an everlasting impact on life. September 5th of each year is celebrated as Teacher’s Day of India commemorating the birth anniversary of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan.

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chotu social mascot

Hindi ho ya Angrezi, Chhotu Ab Rangrezi!

Do social media mascots leverage digital marketing strategies? The only sure way to tell is through experience! It is important to humanise social media mascots and keep it relevant, to really influence digital marketing.  After years of living in a black-and white world, Chhotu – our social media mascot for a footwear brand, had almost decided to go into self-exile. It took dogged persuasion to agree to a comeback (Messi effect perhaps?). Still no clue of what we are talking about?  Read the full story here.

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How To Bring Your Brand Alive on Social - The New Age Marketing Mantra

It’s not too long ago, communication, especially print media was all attuned to copy and images. Digital media followed suite, with prominent success, for quite some time. The new age of communication demanded more, much more interactivity to be precise. In comes video in its multitude of avatars and cousins like GIFs. Result? An experience of motions and sound which captivates and captures consumer attention like none other.

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The Marketing of Democracy - Influence of advertising in Indian elections

Elections in India were always a manifestation of the victory of the best advertising technique, where the political party, which promoted its manifesto in the most relatable way, would emerge victoriously. With time, however, the advertising techniques in elections are changing to suit the needs of the digitalised world. Wall posters, flags, hoardings, leaflets and other printed publicity material was always a part of election propaganda. However, the real-time promotions on social media, backed by smart looking ads on television and the radio are being used in contemporary elections on a massive scale for propaganda purposes, as these mediums can harness the full attention of the voters and are thus better depictive.

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video production

5 Things That Can Make Your Video Go Viral

It is not much difficult to presume how much we all love to see videos. Neither it is hard to understand why. Since the advent of cinema, the audio-visual medium is the stuff of legends. Digital age has changed the ballgame and now virality is the key parameter of success. Let me try to outline the five most important attributes that can make your video go viral.

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