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funny email from HR team

This Funny Email From Our HR Is So Creative That Will Make You Wow

HR emails to the employees are too formal - sometimes extremely boring, but can not be ignored too. Those long list of to do / best practices points, some dreadful notifications, and quite a few meaningless emails flood our inbox with no option to skip them. But, then this email came last week from the HR that was so creative and different that the content team requested the HR to pitch in as a part-time content writer too! :)

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Digital Marketing lessons from tea stalls

Need Quick Growth Hacking Tips? These Small Tea Shops Can Teach Marketing Lessons Better Than The B-Schools

It is intriguing to think as to how learning works. Its everywhere for the eyes that seek and the feet that are never tired of walking. It’s incredible how something as commonplace as a neighbourhood tea joint can throw up an insight into marketing and advertising, nothing less of a ’Entry by Invitation Only’ seminar at a posh banquet far away from the systematic chaos that ensues at neighbourhood tea stalls. Calcutta, or Kolkata as it’s re-renamed, is a weird place. More often than not, it is the absurd and the weird that break barriers. A cliché as it might sound, it is ’the square pegs in the round holes’ that make a difference. Sydney Smith was not kidding one bit when she mentioned it in her path breaking paper , ’ On the Conduct of Understanding’ , nor was Steve Jobs being a poseur when he included the idea in his (in)famous ’ Here’s to the crazy ones' speech.

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10 Little Known START-UP Lessons You Could Actually Learn From GAME OF THRONES

Daenerys Targaryen’s is the ideal start-up model. From a feeble and timid teenager, struck in a loveless arranged marriage, not only does she grow to conquer the hearts of her Khalassar but also buys a team of slaves, trains them to fight, provides them emotional and political security, listens to their woes and emerges as a mother figure to them, only with the strength of 3 dragons. She is also humble and open to advice from lowly people such as Daario. It is equally important for a start-up entrepreneur to provide professional security and bonuses to his staff and have a multi-skilled team with a diverse background on board. He must also be ready to address the grievances of his staff, with effective human resource mechanism.

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11 Lessons Entrepreneurs Must Learn From The Friendly Phuchka-Wallah

Think Kolkata, think Street Food. In fact, the influence of street food is so entrenching on the culture of Kolkata that the chief minister calls fritter frying as a prominent industry of the city. Amidst all the interesting things to eat in the alluring streets of Kolkata, one thing you cannot ignore is Kolkata’s palpable ‘phuchka’ or as the world calls it ‘golgappa’-crispy, superlight and crunchy globules of wheat filled with a delectable boiled potato filling, you will barely find a soul in the city, who has not been charmed by its sheer enticement.

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