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Ursdigitally Co-founders Amitava Bhattacharya and Mitul Das receiving the Most Promising Digital Agency Award

UrsDigitally Wins ASSOCHAM Most Promising Digital Agency Award 2018. Is Branding Really Different in Today’s Digitally Disrupted world - ASSOCHAM Panel Discussion.

What is the key to motivation and happiness? The answer lies within a simple word. Appreciation. Recognition motivates us to work harder. And that’s what happened on 24th August at ITC Sonar, Kolkata when the esteemed ASSOCHAM India recognized us as the Most Promising Digital Agency of 2018. We, in our journey of creating a mark in the industry and throttle ourselves on the list of the best since our inception half a decade prior, have managed to produce some remarkable brand campaigns that finally resulted in this prestigious award, just like multiple awards that we recieved before that.

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ursdigitally CEO Mitul Das conducting a digital workshop for journalists at Kolkata press club

How Digital Media Has Rocked the World of News? Insights from JOURNALISM 2.0—A Workshop We Conducted at PRESS CLUB KOLKATA

The world is changing two digits at a time—zero and one! Digital technologies are revolutionizing every industry that we can possibly imagine today and is rightfully throttling the human civilization to a completely new era unheard of even few decades ago. So, what that means for journalism? Quite unsurprisingly, this sector has also not escaped the digital fever and is on the course of many breakthrough transitions. But, there’s a catch. Journalism is not just any other field. It’s the real information powerhouse and an industry that influences societies, cultures, nations, and impacts billions around the world.

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satire comedy video on current affairs, politics, bollywood

Our Side Project - A Comedy Spoof series on Bollywood, Politics, and Current affairs

Creativity is intelligence having fun”- Albert Einstein

When your team is a full of uber creative young bunch of free souls, a non-stop flow of creative juice is bound to flow around, and you can expect some fun projects popping out time to time. We love to ideate on side projects beyond the realms of client works, and try a little-out-of-the-box experimentation with our own branding. There is a lot of fun in this. From ideation to storytelling, writing dialogues, conducting internal auditions, recordings, and what NOT!

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marketoon cartoon based digital marketing trends and news

[Marketoons] 4 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Impact Your Business in 2018

Being one of the die-hard patrons of the Digital marketing industry in India, I try to keep myself abreast with all the latest happenings in the digital world. But with so much of latest developments, and so little time in our hands, we tend to miss a few significant ones out. This made me think, why should any digital enthusiast miss out on any of the latest digital marketing trends? And that, folks, prompted me to start with this series (of blogs) that will not just keep you updated on the recent trends in marketing but also tickle your funny bone a bit. After all, we all need a little dose of humour in our daily grind, right?

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digital media partner prsi

We are the Mobility & Digital Partner of Engage 2017 - Digital Media Summit Organized by Public Relation Society of India (PRSI)

Today we are excited to share a great news with you! UrsDigitally (A MaxMobility venture) became the ‘Mobility & Digital Partner’ with PRSI (Kolkata Chapter) for their event ‘Engage 2017’ – the largest and most engaging Digital Media Conference of Eastern India.This year ‘Engage’ is going to celebrate its 6th editionto be held on 18th of August, 2017 at ITC Sonar, Kolkata and it comprises of several speaking sessions and awards, this year there will be an exhibition where companies can exhibit digital products and services.

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Funny video series on lord shiva and durga

This Animated Funny Video Series Has Gone Insanely Viral on Social Media

As a full service digital agency, We have created close to 7500 social media communications including ads, illustrations, cartoons, animated gifs; 40000+ words of content in the form of blogs, ad copies; and close to 50+ videos for a vast range of brands in the last three years. We spent thousands of hours to understand what works on the digital landscape and what not. We did many successful social media campaigns and lead generation campaigns online in the recent past, and some not so successful ones. Hit and miss are part of us just like any digital marketing agency in India and the rest of the world. But, this hard nut, crazy video campaign went a bit too far!

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funny email from HR team

This Funny Email From Our HR Is So Creative That Will Make You Wow

HR emails to the employees are too formal - sometimes extremely boring, but can not be ignored too. Those long list of to do / best practices points, some dreadful notifications, and quite a few meaningless emails flood our inbox with no option to skip them. But, then this email came last week from the HR that was so creative and different that the content team requested the HR to pitch in as a part-time content writer too! :)

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If You Are into Digital Marketing, Then You Must Avoid These

The Digital Age has reached its prodigal adolescence. Puberty was way back when Facebook took over our lives and now finally, the digital age has popped its cherry with the advent of the glorious medium called Digital Marketing. This is the trending buzzword of the year. Every brand, from shoe makers to Schumacher, is delving deep into the marketing manhole of the digital media. But why is it so important? Firstly every bloody person is on the net. We are chatting with the person sitting next to us on Facebook, updating our DP to proclaim our happiness and declaring revolution on the social media. So, to be visible, to be recalled or to create the brand identity, digital marketing is the way. But we should keep in mind that is major NO NOs in Digital Marketing. Keeping these in mind can decide the fate of your digital campaign.

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new facebook business page layout 2016

How You Can Benefit From The New Facebook Page Layout

I have always thought that the Facebook business pages needed quite a lot of improvement, given the kind of importance it plays for brands as well as Facebook’s own self (The source of its mammoth AD revenue driven by the acceptance of social media marketing strategy by every brand big or small across the globe). In a way, a business page in Facebook is supposed to be a brand’s at-the-moment snapshot with a narrative that reflects its persona. I believe that Facebook will eventually build much more depth for its business pages – a recent inclusion of online store option featuring prominently is just the starting point. And the social giant has been testing multiple versions of a new layout which will gradually roll out to all business pages. I think, the new Facebook page layout is far better in terms of user experience and branding.

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Magne at cyber crime security conference in kolkata

Magne's CEO To Talk About Cyber Security at TPF!

TPF had recently organised a seminar on cyber crime and cyber security on the 9th of July, 2016 at Sardarshar Parishad. We are absolutely delighted that Magne’s very own Mr.Mitul Das, the CEO & Executive Director of the company was invited to take the pulpit as one of the keynote speakers, alongside Dr. B N Mahesh , Additional DG of Police, West Bengal, Mr. Aveek Gupta, ICAI faculty, and Mr K. Jayaraman, Director of the Swami Vivekananda State Police Academy. The event was attended by several head honchos of Kolkata police and financial stalwarts from Kolkata.

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proud member of bengal chember of commerce

UrsDigitally Consulting Becomes a Member of the Bengal Chamber Of Commerce and Industry!

In just four years of incredible experiences, exposure and growth, Magne has grown from a humble set-up dealing with one of a kind retail consulting agency in Kolkata to become one of the best digital marketing companies involved in marketing and branding in Kolkata, specialising on online lead generations and branding. The journey towards success rides like a sine wave with its crests and troughs. Only passion pulls you through, and recently we found a reassurance for so many years of passionate existence.

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leverage your business online wiht instagram

5 ways You Can Leverage Instagram For Building Awareness For Your Brand, Online!

Ever since Instagram debuted in 2010, it has taken the world by storm. It has changed the way we have been communicating over social media with its ability to empower visual storytelling. Apart from being the favourite most photo-sharing app for individuals around the world, its features have also helped businesses worldwide to market its products or services online. With more businesses turning to Instagram for better digital marketing, check out five ways in which Instagram can leverage your business, online!

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