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We create share-worthy content and do precise media targeting to draw in potential customers from a large cold audience. Know How we achieved hundreds of online booking for this Luxury Resort brand through social media marketing in just one month.

Creativity Is Our Forte
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Our 7 step framework for Digital Marketing Success

digital marketing strategy approach
  • We devote our time on extensive research to understand your brand

  • We analyze your requirement and the market and based on the analysis we devise the customized success metrics for your brand

  • Based on our research we create the marketing strategy and digital roadmap

  • We identify the target audience and create the right communication strategy

  • We capitalize on the right channels (paid, organic and branding) that will work best for your brand

  • We execute the plan of action and generate comprehensive reports for the work done

  • We continuously monitor the digital activities and reiterate, revise and continue the momentum

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Strategies That Lay the Foundations of Our Social Media Marketing Services ...

Veg Mores
  • Creating the communication strategy based on the 80 / 20 rule: 80% informational and 20% promotional

  • Building share-worthy content by employing a wide range of emotions based on behavioural science

  • Focusing on the right content elements - compelling messages, eye-catching visuals, clear CTA, etc.

  • Running highly targeted ads and optimizing the CPM so that you get maximum reach with minimum spent

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Our Search Marketing Strategy is based on Fool-Proof Funnels

Search Marketing approach of UrsDigitally
  • Analyzing your business and your brand's current online presence

  • Identifying the keywords that are relevant to your business

  • Creating and Managing multiple funnels to capture leads

  • Effectively managing the PPC bids so that the CPC is

  • Selecting the most appropriate ad type (Social Media Ads, Display Ads, etc.) and allocating the pertinent budget for the same

  • Selecting the right target audience and targeting the ads to them

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search marketing strategies of UrsDigitally

Our Strategies to Generate High Quality Leads

Lead generation through social media
  • Understanding the brand and bringing out the core USPs after a thorough research

  • Developing multiple buyer personas

  • Developing content as per the buyer persona

  • Capturing and constantly monitoring visitor activity, visitor flow, and browser popularity

  • Drawing more number of qualified leads with our in-depth analytics

  • Helping you to achieve maximum ROI

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Our Approach for Video Marketing is simple yet so powerful...

Veg Mores
  • Doing the objectivity analysis where we define the purpose and choose the right target audience

  • Creating the visualization - storyboard, character, voiceover, etc.

  • Creating the video, collect feedback, and re-iterate before going live.

  • Optimize sponsored campaigns on media platforms and the organic reach.

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video marketing services in kolkata

Our Success on Search Engine Optimization is based on these strategies...

Veg Mores
  • Auditing your website, sanitizing it and making it SEO friendly

  • Analyzing and listing the most relevant keywords for your business

  • Producing the content for SEO

  • Optimizing the pages - Working on on-page and off-page SEO

  • Continuous tracking and monitoring

  • Focusing on local SEO, if required

  • Getting your business page at the top of SERPs

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Our Approach for Content Marketing - the most important pillar of our success!

content marketing services kolkata
  • Devising the right content strategy based on our research and understanding

  • Building the buyer persona

  • Creating different forms of content - from blogs and articles to GIFs and videos

  • Helping in implementing the content technology solutions

  • Measuring the engagement

  • Tracking and monitoring the success factors

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